Hesi A2 Practice Test Online Free

The HESI A2 or Health Education Systems Inc Admission Assessment Exam is used during the admission process by many nursing schools. The purpose of the test is to see how well a student will do in nursing school.

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The exam questions are created in order to test a student's abilities in eight different areas. The test is also is able to determine an individual's learning strengths as well as well as the personality of the student.

Typically, nursing school admission staff focus on the academic test results. Of particular interest are scores in Math and English. English skills that are particularly important are reading comprehension skills, grammar skills and vocabulary skills.

Some schools may have a list of pre-requisite skills which must be met in order for admission. These schools may want to know details about a student's strengths in science courses like Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology and even Physics.

Preparing For The Exam

You will do better on the HESI A2 if you have a study plan. A good plan will include understanding the types of test questions you may see on the exam. In order to find out more about this, see the link on the HESI A2 exam test preparation overview. Spend the most time studying material that you don not know so well. Likewise, you may want to spend time on any areas where your skills are not so good. Study when you are most focused. Do not study late at night when you are tired or early in the morning before you are fully awake.

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Practice Is Important
Practice is important. In order to do your best, you should practice by taking practice exams. These practice exams will allow you to become familiar with the types of questions that can appear on the exam. Your score on the practice test can also help you to hone in on areas where you need to improve.
Some experts recommend taking timed practice exams. This is because the actual test is timed.

Be Careful And Read Questions Thoroughly
Although it is important to work quickly, it is also important to completely read test questions and answers. Keep in mind that the writers of the test will often create trick questions to determine if you really are paying attention or if you truly are familiar with the subject matter. If you are in a hurry, you can make some serious mistakes.
Watch For Trick Questions!
Questions with the word "except" are often answered incorrectly. Slow down and re-read the question! Answers with the word "always" or "never" are most certainly not correct.

More Tips To Help You On The Exam
Make a mental note of how long you have on each question. If you have a half an hour for the test and you have to answer 30 questions, then you can allow about a minute for each question.
Trust your instincts. In most cases, your first answer will usually be the best answer. Do not second guess yourself. If you decide to skip a question, make sure to skip a space in your answer booklet. Remember that it is important to do well on the test. Getting into a good nursing school can definitely help your nursing career. This test is the first step in that process.

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